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For solo artists looking for musical collaboration, we can offer access to a large number of musicians & song writers of all styles to help work on and design your next project with you. Whether its help you need with getting your ideas out of your head and into a song, through to musical collaboration or a backing band.


Hillsvibe Productions also offers full editing & production services for all audio compilations, arrangements and soundtracks. We can arrange audio presentations or soundtracks for events, as well as full post-production services and composition for film and television as well.

If you have a recording that you needs some work, Hillsvibe Productions can edit, mix & master your recordings as well, giving you a fresh mix or a remix to an old recording. Whatever it is, Hillsvibe is here to help you get the best out of your recordings & production.


Studio videos can also be produced at Hillsvibe. We can film a video clip to a song you have recorded or even a compilation of a day’s studio session with audio backing. In completion you will receive a finished video file ready for web upload as well as a hard copy on DVD.